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Update!! everything is going well, the last information for our licensing is in. our on air personalites will start hiting the air waves soon. the sleek new main page and sub pages are getting the i final touches before testing. logos are in the oven baking. mmmm can't you just smell that new AllFurRadio scent? We are also looking for more staff members. if your intereasted please come in our discord; or contact markus damone directly at As well video and pictures of AllFurRadio in its past at live or in secondlife or furcadia events. send thsoe to markus as well.

Hello every-fur, and welcome to our temporary website! It has been a good two weeks since we turned on the Auto-DJ and have been slowly pimping out to our social media circuit. Not to mention once more pushing hard in SecondLife and Furcadia. This is just a tempo site while we get the old domain name back up and running. As well as building a new site. Below on this page is links to our social media, thought it was about time to get things going and share, like, and post! It also gives up an opportunity to invite all of our old AFR staff and listeners to come and hang out, share stories of the old times, and just generally catch up.

Let me give you a little information and a little bit of an update on what is going on and what is about to take place. Many years ago AllFurRadio closed its doors for good; however,Markus Damone kept everything idle in the background. Well, now it is time for everything to come back! Markus Damone, both CEO of AllFurMedia and AllFurRadio as well AllFurNewsNetwork decided it was time to bring it all together.on September 1st, 2017 it was decided that it should be resurrected. With that, AllFurRadio was recreated and now the AllFurMedia is gearing up to go viral with AllFurNewNetwork (AFNN), AllFurMedia (AFMedia). However, it all starts here with AllFurRadio, the furry radio station that changed the way furs listened to music and that taught many of the on air personalities that still broadcast in the furry communities to this day. Markus Damone’s goal when creating AllFurRadio was to one day be the first and best furry oriented multimedia platform; and NOW is THAT time.

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